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 Voice acting guidelines

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PostSubject: Voice acting guidelines   Fri Jul 18, 2008 3:07 pm

These are the guidelines that must be followed by everyone who wants to be a voice actor:
1. Read the character biographies and choose a character (biographies not yet released).
2. Find a good quality microphone and record the line "Captain on the bridge." (if you are volunteering for the role of the Captain, say the line "Helm, take us out.").
3. Try your best when acting, although I might accept not quite perfect acting, good acting s preferred.
4. You must be committed to the project, I don't want to kill off any characters because of anyone leaving.
That is all for now. I should have the biographies up eventually (I'm stuck with two characters), but when I'm finished I'll be sure to post them here.
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Voice acting guidelines
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